Before and After Baby: How My Body Changed

Diary of a Fit Mom

before and after

On the left, my pre-pregnancy body (115lbs). On the right, one week postpartum (133lbs). Now, I realize that I’m almost the same size, and that for most women, this is not typical after birth. Take into account your body before you got pregnant. Did you have a muscular frame? Was your abdomen tight? All of that plays a factor into how quickly you will recover.

My body changed in more ways than I expected. I knew that I wouldn’t look quite the same. I knew I’d have a little more to love and that my clothes wouldn’t fit right away. I gained a total of 35 pounds during my pregnancy – a healthy and average weight gain for women my pre-pregnancy size.

I wanted to exercise while baby Anthony was incubating, but I was diagnosed with hyperemisis gravidarum – a hyper form of morning sickness that makes you vomit profusely…

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