Brew Review – Smoked Swamp Ape by Florida Beer Co.

Florida Beer Blog

I actually going to dedicate this review to Jason Pennington, co-host of the KVJ Show on 97.9 WRMF. He’s a huge supporter of Bigfoot, and usually runs around with his Swamp Ape shirt.

So, Swamp Ape. It’s a Double IPA. I hope that I have made my views on IPAs well known. It’s not that they’re necessarily bad, it’s just that I have never really developed the taste for them. I will try them, I can appreciate a good IPA for what it is, but they’re just not my cup of tea.

After a rather enjoyable conversation with a fellow beer drinker about White Oak Jai Alai from Cigar City, and how the treatment can mellow out the hoppiness somewhat, I found myself able to procure a bottle of something I hadn’t seen before, Smoked Swamp Ape DIPA (Smoked IPA, 10% ABV, 90 IBU) from Cape Canaveral’s

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