Remedying Desk Jockey Slouch

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Many of you readers, particularly those who work in office environments may demonstrate the stereotypical “Desk Jockey Slouch”, often resulting in neck aches, lower back aches, and even shoulder aches.  The attributes causing these are generally internally rotated shoulders and lack of activation of the core muscles.  When seated for long periods of time, the glutes lose activation and the hip flexors get tight as well.

The remedy for this would require posterior chain activation. In layman’s terms, everything from the heel up. I present to you the inverted row/body curl combo to incorporate into your warmup to help remedy your slouch:

This exercise activates the hamstrings, glutes, lower-back, and upper back all in one rep.

I’d like fitness enthusiasts and fitness trainers alike to sound off in the comments section.

Imam Elahi, NASM-CPT, Fitness Nutrition Candidate, MSIT Candidate

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