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Florida Expects More European Tourists

Florida’s tourist economy is doing quite well for itself. The industry is worth $25 billion continues to rise as tourists from around the world decide that Miami is more worth their time and money when compared to other, more traditional destinations. So what has lead to this most recent tourism boom and why are hordes of Europeans deciding that Miami is more worth their time than other places? The answer is complicated and has a lot to do with the current state of global affairs, both political and economical. With Miami is one of the few places in the world that has an international tourist population that makes up literally half of all visitors a year, these sorts of events are vital to its success.

So where do the Europeans who are now going to Miami usually vacation? Two of the most popular tourist destinations for Europeans are Greece and Tunisia, both of which are undergoing the sort of chaos that will drive tourists away very quickly. Both Greece and Tunisia are close enough to mainland Europe and have weak enough economies that they were prime vacation spots for Europeans in the past. Both are exotic locales with different cultures, centuries of impressive history, and lax and liberal attitudes towards foreigners coming in and having a good time.

However the Greek economic troubles are leading Europeans to fear future political instability and the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia are forcing Europeans to look at different countries and cities to get away to. Miami has consistently been at the top of the list and now, it seems to be moving higher as people both want to visit the United States as well as enjoy some truly world class beaches in a world class city. While the recent instability in parts of the world that were traditionally tourist speaks to the increased interest in Miami vacations, it should be noted that it isn’t the only cause. Foreign tourism to Miami has been steadily rising over the past few years and seems like it’s going to continue to do so. With beaches, nightlife, food, and culture to rival (if not top) most other major hubs in the United States, Miami seems like the place to be taking your next vacation to.

If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

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