Do you actually want to lose weight?

Tristan Buttle Personal Trainer

Good morning…………you well?

The other day I had a good chat with a lady who came to me as she wants to lose weight…….

Upon discussing her goals, I asked the following question & if you happen to have the same goal I’d like to ask you the same question………….

Are you bothered about how much you weigh or are you bothered about how you look & how you feel?

Some trainers will go as far as saying weight is irrelevant ….I actually disagree with this in certain cases….

> If an individual is ‘bedbound’ obese & their total body weight is impacting on their life to point where the individual cannot function & cannot work, then weight is becomes very relevant… this is a matter of health…

>If an individual is severely underweight & it is again causing health issues & concerns then weight also becomes very relevant….

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