Oh, Those Needy Knees!

you always have to remember yo take care of your knees!


As I move through the second week of my 90 day mission, I am finding the intensisty of my new workouts to be both challenging and encouraging.  I love that I have a goal: the 90 day mark.  And I also love that I can look back at a time when I could not have come close to completing half of the moves that I am doing.  I have come far in a few years, and hope to see my self grow more in strength, endurance and other areas.  Flexibility is one that I am focusing on as I grow older for sure.  We lose flexibility and balance rapidly, as these are things that naturally deteriorate, and weaken from lack of use in our adult years.  Watch a child play.  They bend, squat and balance without fear or thought.    We, as adults, have to incorporate those moves into our…

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