The curse of shortcuts

Everyone wants to take shortcuts, especially when we’re nearing our goal. But they often end up hurting more than helping!

John's Point of view

I have thought long and hard about my next topic, which I guess it sum’s up how my mind works. I am always deep in thought and thinking about a million things at one time, but sitting down and writing about one of those thoughts is not easy. If anything it is intimidating, but I feel focusing on one of those thoughts I can think about it in more succinct and detail rather than a forethought. One thing I have found that bothers me is the general human being’s tendency to take shortcuts.

I have no doubt that the human beings need for doing things easier and faster has lead to some of the most amazing advancements in our age. But as with everything in life, to achieve success you have to make sacrifices and I feel that the general human beings need for making things easier has lead to…

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