bryan lockley

Five Florida Vacations That Aren’t Disney World

As a proud Florida native (born and raised in Port Orange and currently in Miami), I get a little peeved when the only thing people seem to associate with this wonderful state is theme parks: Disney World and Universal Studios, to be precise. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney and Universal (how could you not love “the happiest place on Earth”?) but people tend to think that just because you live in Florida, you must go to Disney all the time. I don’t live anywhere near Orlando! It’s about a 4 hour drive, which relatively speaking is not too far away, but I thought it was past due that the rest of Florida got a little love. Oh, and I don’t mean pointing out that Florida is also home to lots of gators, beaches, and retirees. These are the stereotypes everyone knows to be true, but here I present to you an insider’s guide to planning the ultimate Florida getaway.

Unless you have a timeshare or a trip to Disney/Universal is an esteemed family tradition, consider these five other Florida vacations that your family is sure to love and enjoy just as much…

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