bryan lockley

Taste Test: Morgans Restaurant vs. The Salty Donut


The delicious spread: Morgans Restaurant (sticky buns) on the left and The Salty Doughnut (doughnuts) on the right.

As much as I love fitness and staying in shape, I also love to eat! The great thing about staying fit is that, as long as I keep at my fitness goals, I don’t feel guilty about treating myself every now and then. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, so I recently indulged in breakfast from two of my favorite food spots in Miami: Morgans Restaurant and The Salty Doughnut. When I say breakfast, I really mean dessert for breakfast. These were no healthy egg whites and turkey bacon breakfasts, but rather saccharine concoctions that were basically the definition of gluttony: so good, in fact, that they inspired me to do a taste test.

It was a difficult choice, but after some careful consideration, I have declared a winner. First, I’ll review the desserts I had from each restaurant, and then I’ll name my choice. Don’t let my pick sway you from trying out both of these incredible restaurants though! If you find yourself in Miami, be sure to check out both and form your own opinions.

Dessert #1: House made sticky buns from Morgans Restaurant

I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had a sticky bun before ordering some from Morgans Restaurant. This beloved Miami family-owned brunch and lunch restaurant known for using fresh, local ingredients makes all of its dishes from scratch, and it certainly shows. The warm, gooey sauce coating these cinnamony swirls got all over my hands and face as I scarfed them down, but it was totally worth the mess! They’re more than worth the price as well: I ordered three sticky buns at $2 each, which came to $6. They actually have a deal where you can get a half dozen for $10, but I think that would have been a little too indulgent for me.

Dessert #2: Cookies & cream and traditional glazed buttermilk donuts from The Salty Doughnut

Let me tell you, The Salty Doughnut is no Dunkin Donuts! There’s nothing artificial about these made-from-scratch donuts using only the “freshest, most natural ingredients possible,” according to their website. The cookies and cream doughnuts are a baked chocolate cake base with a fluffy, oreo cookie buttercream, white chocolate glaze, and mini dark chocolate chips. Just thinking about all that decadence is making me salivate! Better yet, they’re gluten free, so anyone can enjoy them. Then I had one of their traditional glazed donuts as well, but there’s nothing “traditional” about it. With its warm, doughy texture and sweet vanilla bean glaze, this was by far one the best doughnuts I’ve ever had.

So the winner is…

The Salty Doughnut!!

Like I said, this was a really difficult decision, but it came down to comparing the desserts in their own categories and I’ve never had a doughnut quite so good as the ones from The Salty Doughnut. They basically redefine what a doughnut should be. So, now that you’ve read about some of the amazing desserts from these equally great restaurants, I encourage you to go out and try them for yourselves. What are waiting for?