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Goatees for Good Eats and Other Miami Charities

At the beginning of October, I started a GoFundMe to raise money and awareness for the Miami Rescue Mission. One month and seven donations later, we are only $5 away from our goal. Thank you to everyone who has donated to the campaign. To be honest, I didn’t know what kind of response I would get. I knew that homelessness around Miami was an issue. I knew that I wanted to help those who are homeless in some way, but I didn’t know how to do so. In researching ways that I could give back, I came across the work that the Miami Rescue Mission is doing. It immediately resonated with me. Simply, give people the space and the nourishment they need to be the best that they could be. So, unbelievably simple. But it goes a long way.

While the Miami Rescue Mission is providing some excellent work for the Miami-Dade area, I know they aren’t the only ones. If you’re looking for a good cause to donate to check out the below organizations, all of which are in Charity Navigator’s Top 5 rankings for Miami and beyond:

Boca Helping Hands

Like the Miami Rescue Mission, Boca Helping Hands provides groceries and hot meals to those who need them most, including the homeless, elderly, and homebound disabled.



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