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Fantasy Sports Betting is Causing Concern in Some Circles

Sports have always had a certain tie with gambling. Athletics of all types have always captured and held the interest of those who made money off of learning statistics and making educated guesses using algorithms as a basis for their knowledge. They have also captured the interest of fans, people who feel as though they know a lot about a sport or a team simply because they’ve been watching for a long time and are passionate about their alliance. When groups like these meet over a common subject, there is always going to be gambling of some sort. The fans trust their judgement and instinct and the professionals trust the math. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there has been a recent explosion in online fantasy-based sports gambling. the ads are showing up everywhere and they’re relentless in trying to convince you to sign up and spend your hard-earned money on fantasy sports gambling. This sudden, and very public, push for what is clearly a form of gambling is now drawing both questions and ire from governmental and nongovernmental organizations that have been traditionally opposed to gambling which is still, in most states, illegal. Now, as fantasy gambling is clearly becoming more popular and making a push for more customers, these groups and organizations are wrestling with how to approach this new form of sports entertainment…

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