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No Curry, No Problem

Warrior Nation had a major scare during last Sunday’s game four victory over the Houston Rockets. Their star player, Stephen Curry slid awkwardly on a wet spot on the court while attempting to guard Houston’s Trevor Ariza shortly before halftime. Curry grabbed his knee in pain and limped off the court. On Monday he was taken for an MRI and it revealed Curry will miss at least the next two weeks with a sprained right MCL.

“From our perspective, relatively good news,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Monday.

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The Warriors are doing surprisingly well without their front man.

Many people were unaware on how the Warriors would respond after hearing the news that their best player will be out for a few weeks at the least. Well, let’s just say last night the Warriors made a statement to the whole NBA that they are not just a one man team.  Curry’s backcourt partner Klay Thompson got things rolling early on. He started things of with a quick three pointer to get the sell-out crowd at Oracle Arena going. Thompson finished with seven three pointers and 27 points to help lead the Warriors into the second round of the playoffs without their injured superstar. Thompson became the first player in NBA history to make at least seven 3s in consecutive playoff games.

Draymond Green also had a great game. He finished with 15 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists. The Warriors will take on the winner of the Los Angeles Clippers vs Portland Trail Blazers series.  After the game, Green said “Everybody, they think Steph goes down and the entire series changes. But we thought otherwise”. This was a big victory for the Warriors organization as they look to repeat as NBA champions come June.

From the moment Curry went down, the Warriors took their game up a notch with a spectacular second half in Game 4, finishing the 121-94 victory with a playoff-record 21 3-pointers and 38 assists on 46 field goals.

It won’t be easy for the Warriors to get back to NBA Finals without Steph Curry, but they have proved that they can ride the ship until he returns.


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Fitness Bands Are Often Abandoned Within Months

As you know, I’ve been a proponent of fitness bands in the past. They are on the forefront of fitness technology and, as the price continues todrop, they seem to be poised to become even more popular than they already are. However recent studies are now pointing to a new issue in the world and business of fitness bands: they are frequently abandoned only months after being purchased and used. While this doesn’t mean that sales are going down (in fact, they’re still strong and going up), it does mean that investors are now proceeding with more caution regarding the longevity of this niche in the fitness market…

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Why’s It’s Hard to Become President if You’re from Florida: Part 1

As Election 2016 continues its long and strange voyage, Florida remains to be one of the most contended states out there. On the Republican ticket, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the obvious candidate. But Ted Cruz has been recently targeting Florida voters with a smear campaign over the airwaves and then there’s Donald Trump who still might prove the improbable victor in yet another state. Critical to the outcome will be an endorsement former presidential candidate and Former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Although the two had it out towards the end of Bush’s campaign, and endorsement from Bush just might be the extra push that Rubio needs to stand above Cruz’s media punches.

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Bryan’s Tips: Citrus Water

Be serious about your water.

To give hydration a kick, drink citrus water. When water has flavor, you value it more—it actually feels like you’re drinking something. In addition, synephrine, an organic compound found in the rind and juice of citrus fruits, especially tangerines and sour oranges, accelerates metabolism. Citrus has vitamin C also, which helps to boost production of growth hormone.

image of citrus water by Bryan Lockley

2 gallon dispenser, filtered water, citrus fruit, 3 quarts a day for consumption.

 Your good for days.

It’s that simple.

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Zika is Spreading in Florida

For those who have been following the news recently, the zika virus has been everywhere, both in terms of media coverage as well as countries. What started in Africa quickly made its way to South America and became an epidemic. The virus has already taken hold of South America, leading to a number of countries being placed on lists designating them as dangerous travel destinations, and has been slowly but surely working its way north as governments and scientists don’t know how to stop it. Now it turns out that the virus has made its way multiple states within the United States of America, with Florida being hit amongst the worst of them.

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