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Despite Concussions, Boxing Is Still Required for Military Cadets by DAVE PHILIPPS


West Point says the sport instills the courage needed for combat, but some parents and neurologists are calling for alternatives.

Published: September 29, 2015 at 08:00PM

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Do you actually want to lose weight?

Tristan Buttle Personal Trainer

Good morning…………you well?

The other day I had a good chat with a lady who came to me as she wants to lose weight…….

Upon discussing her goals, I asked the following question & if you happen to have the same goal I’d like to ask you the same question………….

Are you bothered about how much you weigh or are you bothered about how you look & how you feel?

Some trainers will go as far as saying weight is irrelevant ….I actually disagree with this in certain cases….

> If an individual is ‘bedbound’ obese & their total body weight is impacting on their life to point where the individual cannot function & cannot work, then weight is becomes very relevant… this is a matter of health…

>If an individual is severely underweight & it is again causing health issues & concerns then weight also becomes very relevant….

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The curse of shortcuts

Everyone wants to take shortcuts, especially when we’re nearing our goal. But they often end up hurting more than helping!

John's Point of view

I have thought long and hard about my next topic, which I guess it sum’s up how my mind works. I am always deep in thought and thinking about a million things at one time, but sitting down and writing about one of those thoughts is not easy. If anything it is intimidating, but I feel focusing on one of those thoughts I can think about it in more succinct and detail rather than a forethought. One thing I have found that bothers me is the general human being’s tendency to take shortcuts.

I have no doubt that the human beings need for doing things easier and faster has lead to some of the most amazing advancements in our age. But as with everything in life, to achieve success you have to make sacrifices and I feel that the general human beings need for making things easier has lead to…

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Workout of the Day September 17, 2015

Gotta take care of both the physical and mental!

Spiritual Life Coach | Zach Tavcar

Physical Workout of the Day:

Mental Workout of the Day:

Gratitude Meditation

For today’s workout we will start by setting a timer for 15 minutes and finding a comfortable sitting position. Place your hands on your lap with your palms facing upward and close your eyes. Gently, take your awareness to the movement of your breath in and out of your nose. Do not force the breath, but rather let the breath be and let it move you. As you breathe in you will say silently to yourself, “I AM,” and as you breathe out silently say to yourself, “grateful.” Do your best to maintain this mantra for the entirety of the meditation. If thoughts come into your awareness, recognize them and then return your focus to the mantra. You may even begin to change…

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Oh, Those Needy Knees!

you always have to remember yo take care of your knees!


As I move through the second week of my 90 day mission, I am finding the intensisty of my new workouts to be both challenging and encouraging.  I love that I have a goal: the 90 day mark.  And I also love that I can look back at a time when I could not have come close to completing half of the moves that I am doing.  I have come far in a few years, and hope to see my self grow more in strength, endurance and other areas.  Flexibility is one that I am focusing on as I grow older for sure.  We lose flexibility and balance rapidly, as these are things that naturally deteriorate, and weaken from lack of use in our adult years.  Watch a child play.  They bend, squat and balance without fear or thought.    We, as adults, have to incorporate those moves into our…

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